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Practice Policies


Confidentiality is extremely important at Cornerstone family Practice . All information in your file is confidential and will only be released to a third party with your written authority or by court order.

It is the policy and procedure of Cornerstone family practice that all staff members sign a confidentiality agreement with the practice stating that they understand the practice requirement to protect the privacy of information of all patient records including clinical data , accounts, verbal discussions, written documents including those emanating from computers or facsimile machines, heard, written, received or otherwise produced by others or themselves which are deemed strictly private and confidential and are not to be discussed or in any way released to any one except under the instruction of the practice principal or designate and according to privacy law.

This privacy statement is binding even if that staff member is no longer employed by cornerstone family practice.

They understand and are aware of the confidentiality requirements and recognise that significant breaches of confidentiality may provide grounds for instant dismissal.

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Our General practitioners have access to the patient's full health records including progress notes, investigations, past history, current and past prescription history, observations, social and family history, correspondence both in and out, primary care details, health assessment details and clinical data. This information is collected and used to best care for our patients in a holistic and private manner.

Patient can request access to medical records at any time. If patient requests access to their medical record for a copy of result, specialist letter, health summary, this request would be communicated to their doctor and the requested information provided to patient .If medical records are to be transferred , it is the policy of cornerstone family practice to obtain a signed consent from a patients new medical practice and also patients signature before transferring a medical record. Fees would be charged for the processing of medical records to be transferred based on the amount of work needed to process the request.


The practice is committed to providing comprehensive care to our patients. For this reason, you may at times receive a recall to discuss results, a reminder for a follow up action or a message in regard to preventive health services such as flu vaccine. These messages may be sent by SMS, email, phone or mail.

Our admin staff will receive all incoming telephone calls and inform the GP who will act appropriately by either calling you back or asking the reception staff to schedule an appointment.

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